My weekly domaining activity

As you know i begin to interest with domaining ,  my plan is to buy some domains for re-sell .
i used drop catching platforms such as , and godaddy auctions .
A whole 7 days i looked around and did some nice things :)

For domainers , i will give some tips ,  i will tell which domains i have invested ;

""  i won the Godaddy auction at the price $460 , unfortunetelly Godaddy ( Afternic ) took the domain back from me , and they told me , the owner renewed the domain at the last day .

When i took a look about the domain , was sale on afternic for the price of $6500 .

Why i bid this domain ?

it is 5 letter , short .com domain . Beforer auction i searched the web , potentital buyers  there are some companies which sells vermi compost . Hopefully i was planning to sell this domain to business owners .

This is the first domain that i have attended to buy for re-selling purposes.

"" , Godaddy auctions platform . …

Domainers are really crazy !

is on auction at Godaddy Auctions . i m shocked when i see the bidding amounth , price is $5100 and minumum bid is $5200 .

My domaining experience

i m on web business more than 10 years , never bought a domain for re-sell . Just bought domains for my projects ..
Lately 3 days i become interested in domaining !  spent lots of time in front of computer .. 6 to 8 hours per day ..puff.

Godaddy Promo Code List June 2019

Godaddy Promo Code List June 2019 Here are list of Godaddy promo codes for June 2019 , all codes manually checked and verified .

GoDaddy .COM Offer Change Today!

i wrote about Godaddy's price change for .Com offer .
Today i got offer that is effective beginning today.

".COM offer new price will be $4.99 USD price (or the equivalent) for all markets. This change is being implemented for all publishers everywhere. The $.99 .COM offer will no longer be available through any channel with GoDaddy. "

GoDaddy .COM Offer Change Next Week!

Godaddy is offering 0,99$ .Com domains currently , but sadly today i got email that this 99 cent domain offer is ending up . 

Offer will increase to a $4.99 USD .

What is Godaddy Delegate Access

Today i come up an  domain hijack story on  Andrew Alleman's blog Domain Name Wire .