What is Godaddy Smartline ?One phone. Two numbers

SmartLine™ Second Phone Number App One phone.
Two numbers.

👍See when an incoming call is for your business so you can answer accordingly. 

👍Make and receive calls using your business number to keep your personal number private. 

👍Use SmartLine to send and receive texts and pictures from your business number. 

👍Install the app on your current smartphone – there’s no new equipment to buy.

Plans : 

Smartline Basic 

Includes 100 minutes per month* Send 100 and receive unlimited texts and pictures per month* Then $3.99/mo after. Cancel anytime . 👌 Try on month Free , Cancel anytime >>
Smartline Unlimited

Includes unlimited minutes per month*** Send and receive unlimited texts and pictures per month*** Then $9.99/mo after. Cancel anytime. 👌 Try on month Free , Cancel anytime >>
+ SmartLine is currently available in the United States only.

Registered .App domain with Godaddy for 10 years

i dont dont if it is a good idea to start a big project with .App domain , but registered two keyword .App domain with Godaddy for 10 years . İt costs me about 186$ with taxes to my country .

Why i choose Godaddy ? 

Godaddy gives you free Ssl with .App domain registrations . And it is free to use ssl wehn you keep domain with Godaddy . As you know , it is requaired to use ssl if you want to publish website with .app domain . The cheapest price per year is with Godaddy . Dont forget to use promo codes >>

You may register domain without ssl but , if you want to set up website you must have Ssl .

Godaddy February 2019 Promo Codes

Godaddy Promo Code List February 2019 We have collected all working best Godaddy promo codes to you more . All Codes manually checked and verified on February 2019.

Godaddy .App Domain Promo Codes

You may register .app domains for 16,99$ ( first year ) . Additional years and renewals are 23,99$ .
As you know , to use .app domain you need an ssl certificate , Free ssl certificate is included with your domain on Godaddy !
Here are .apps domain promo codes to save you extra .

My Afternic Experience and Deal

Nowadays , i m searching for domains for my projects . One of my desired domain was on sale with Afternic ( a Godaddy company ) .

You may shoot offers to domains and also there is directly buy options .

i shoot offer a domain that was listed for 1800$ . Transfer agent call me , we discussed , offer- counter offer periods and succeed to get the domain for 1300$ . i think it is a good deal .

Transaction was smooth , everything has finished within 7 days . After purchase , waited 2 days for afternic to verify payment . When confirmation done , they pushed the domain to my Godaddy account .

Best of all , you dont pay any escrow fees . Fee of domain is the final price you will pay .

The secret word is " When the deal is done , i m able to do payment instantly "  :)

Happy domaining to all .

is it a good idea to start big projects with non dot com ?

Everybody has a great idea sometimes , nowadays i have one also ..i love to go with exact match domains . When i check for domain as you guess dot com of domain is already taken . Domain is controlled by one big domain investment company in us .

They are asking for 10 ,000 $ + price latest offer for domain is just 3000$ . i m waiting for their response .

Now the question is , if you think your project is big .. Would you invest more on domain ? or start with avaible other new tlds .

Which way will you choose and why ?

.Site domains are on sale with Godaddy !

Designate your online presence with a .site domain name. Available now! Starting at $39.99*$0.99*/1st yr
What is a .site domain? As an unrestricted domain, .site is wide open to interpretation. Artists, manufacturers, web developers, sports teams, publishers can all use .site to create memorable web addresses. It’s a new opportunity to create a unique brand. Because .site domain names haven’t been around as long as some others, you’ve got a better chance to register something short and catchy.