My domaining experience

i m on web business more than 10 years , never bought a domain for re-sell . Just bought domains for my projects ..
Lately 3 days i become interested in domaining !  spent lots of time in front of computer .. 6 to 8 hours per day ..puff.

Domaining is like gold digging .. you have to deal with tons of trash .. there are some small gold pieces , big gold pieces ..worst part is lost of guys are looking at you . if you found a nice one , big brothers may pay more and take away your gold .

Time .. You loose so much time cause dealing with trash domains is a problem ..

i dont know it seems it is not for me , developing websites make you more money ..

What was it go ?? 

Opened  Godaddy Auctions account.. First you have to order Godaddy Domain Auctions membership plan ( 4.99$ ) in order to bid . Got one this way , you may also sell your domains. 

Take a look to each domains , according to my budget bidded one domain .

Won the domain for 465$ . it is 5 letter .Com domain , the domain is still not on my Godaddy panel , after successfull transfer i will let you know the domain .

My plan with domain : i will contact with possible buyers , possible buyers are from malaysia and india . This is making the domain hard to sell .

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