My weekly domaining activity

As you know i begin to interest with domaining ,  my plan is to buy some domains for re-sell .
i used drop catching platforms such as , and godaddy auctions .
A whole 7 days i looked around and did some nice things :)

For domainers , i will give some tips ,  i will tell which domains i have invested ;

""  i won the Godaddy auction at the price $460 , unfortunetelly Godaddy ( Afternic ) took the domain back from me , and they told me , the owner renewed the domain at the last day .

When i took a look about the domain , was sale on afternic for the price of $6500 .

Why i bid this domain ?

it is 5 letter , short .com domain . Beforer auction i searched the web , potentital buyers  there are some companies which sells vermi compost . Hopefully i was planning to sell this domain to business owners .

This is the first domain that i have attended to buy for re-selling purposes.

"" , Godaddy auctions platform . Bid up to 7000$ , but unfortunetelly , this domain sold for $12500 . Lost the domain .

Why i bid this domain ?

it is a turkish name , meaning "Home loan" , it is about business . Business means money .
When i searched before bidding , i saw this domain was sold at 2013 , by nokta domains to more than $29000

"" Godaddy auctions platform , sold for $555 , lost the auction .

Why i bid this domain ?

Again turkish , means " so good " or " big" means , also it can be meaning of "so delicious " , ooowww ..i forgot the so delicious meaning , if i didnt forget this meaning , a turkish recipes website will be so nice .
Also there are some restaurants called "kallavi" , i thought i may sell this domain to them .

"" Godaddy Auctions platform . Sold for $1311 . Lost the Auction .

Why i bid for this domain ?

it is short , brandable nice domain especially for " Frozen yoghurt" . There are some frozen ypghurt products called "frozy" . Websites , exct .

i lost the domain cause i forgot the auction time  :(

"*********.com" , Dropcatch platform . Won the Auction for $1350 .

i will tell the domain name after the transfer complate . There are some problem about my credit card now .

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