Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How do promo codes behave to bulk registration?

Today i have tested the Godaddy promo codes behaviour according to the bulk registration . As you know if you buy 6 or more domains Godaddy gives you special domain price rates, means more saving for you.Now here is the test results  how they act with bulk registration and not bulk registration.
Now i have generated a cart with ,
Bulk Domain Registration
7 .Com domain 9.99$ each ( a bulk domain registration discount ) the price is 71.19$  use promo code cjcchp50 ( which is a well known working promo code ) Not works !

Not Bulk domain Registrtion
Now remove the two domains
5 .Com domains in my cart now 11.99$ = 60.85$ Use promo code cjcchp50 Now it works!
The total amount is 50.85$ here we registered 5 domains , pay this amount and get back Godaddy and  2 more domains, if you dont use promo code  11.99$*2 = 24.34 total 7 domains 75.19$ if you use promo code cjcchp10 ( save you 10% off your order ) the order total is 72.79$

Result ; in this case Bulk registration or not , they are all same , there is no serious saving different between them .
(with bulk registration 2$ more saving according to using promo code )

i will go on to test it on following days.

Disclaimer ; this is only test and includes my ideas , it may not work for you.
*on calculations , please add icann fees.so you will get the correct results.