Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Godaddy .Mobi domain renewal prices increased?

i m one of the big .mobi investor , purchased many .mobi domains with Godaddy , renewal date in on the way , on 27 th of March i have to renew or delete about 30 domains, when i tried to renew my .mobi domains , pufff the renewal price is about 17.99$ , Are they crazy ? i have purchased this domains about 14.99$ and expecting to renew the as the same price as.can't believe i have to pay 17.99$

.And the biggest issue is , i m not sure about renewing my .mobi domains , couse still the .mobi domains are not popular in my opinion.
Anyways , i have searched Google for .mobi godaddy domain promo codes and find an extremely perfect promo code for renewal , here it is

Save more then 40% on .mobi domain renewals

17.99$ down to >>> 10.99$

Happy savings with us :)

By the way , what do think of .mobi ?  Will you renew yours ?