Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our concept change

This blog serves you live Godaddy promo codes over 2 years. i was publishing the codes by lists. i have done some changes about blog . Here is what i did and why.

1- i will not only publish every 4-6 days live lists. i will also publish daily promo codes. You will get more fresh codes.After the list published, you was missing some promo codes till next list ,by doing so you will catch mostly promo codes. You will find the live list at right side of the blog.

2- i will publish Great Speacial offers ( if available ) such as 0.99$ domain registrations. you see that the top of blog.

3- As everytime , i m just blogger and giving so much time to serve you this codes , if i m help full for you , please just give me links , tell your friends exct. Make this project and me happy :)

Want more ? Tell me what needs to be changed ? or added. ? Thank you.