Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving a New professional site

Internet largest godaddy promo /coupon code list.I guarantee to check them manually at least 3 days.Last check:26 February 2009 00:29 am(according to gmt+2)

i want you to test my new site.i will update this blog after 7 test day passed.

i m updating this blog for older then a one year.And time is to move a new professional Godaddy Promo Code site.

+Everyday updated more then 20+ live godaddy promo codes.
+Manually confirmed by me.(i m professional especially at godaddy.
+You can share your godaddy promo codes with others.
+Updated daily (in this blog i can not update daily but at this site i can add and delete the codes without changing other codes.
+auto click and go system.
+a New professional look
+ Not only godaddy promo codes but also 1and1,namecheap, and many other registrar codes and promotions.

i want my users who loves this blog, take a quick look at my new site and let me know what you think ??

Still site is developing...